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Energy Improvements

  • Reduced air leakage
  • Increased insulation R-values
  • Quality window replacement
  • HVAC system upgrades
  • High-efficiency water heaters
  • Re-lamping light fixtures with CFLs & LEDs
  • Replacing old appliances with newer more efficient models

IR Image Showing Typical Thermal By-pass of Knee-wall and Dormer

Energy Star

Air Bus

Energy Star

ENERGY STAR is a joint program of the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency currently partnering with more than 17,000 organizations, including more than 3,500 of the nation’s home builders. Together with home buyers and their families, we are working to achieve a common goal– protecting the environment for future generations by adopting and utilizing more energy efficient practices and products.

ENERGY STAR is a widely-recognized symbol for energy efficiency that identifies new homes, buildings, and more than 50 types of consumer products offering features, quality, and a level of performance that today’s consumers expect. Products eligible to earn the ENERGY STAR label include windows, heating and cooling equipment, lighting and appliances.

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Independent Inspection & Testing

All new homes look great on the outside, but to make sure that your next new home is truly energy efficient, it’s important to look “behind the walls”. How can homeowners really be sure?

Homes that have earned the ENERGY STAR label have been inspected and tested by an independent Home Energy Rater. These professionals advise builders in selecting the most appropriate energy efficient features for a particular home. Raters inspect and test the home during and after construction to verify that the home meets the EPA’s strict guidelines for energy efficiency.

Benefits of Independent Inspection & Testing

  • Climate and Site Specific Recommendations
  • Additional Inspections for Quality Assurance
  • Peace-of-Mind for Making a Smart Purchase Decision