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JSR understands that designing homes to meet today’s energy challenges can be difficult and time consuming. The bar continues to be raised, creating new elements that must be incorporated into your design process. We can help you keep your projects moving forward in a timely fashion by pre-screening projects in the early stages to ensure that the assemblies you create will meet the new standards for energy efficiency.

You will be assured that the specifications you have prescribed are successfully installed and tested, ensuring your clients’ happiness and comfort year after year. Use of state of the art equipment coupled with on-site meetings with the contractor and subcontractors performing the work puts everyone on the same page, minimizing callbacks and performance problems. This due diligence often produces buildings that surpass the design parameters and exceed client expectations.

As always, our services are tailored to your needs, whether it is solving existing defects in buildings, incorporating new additions into existing buildings or modeling new homes. Third party verification is a win-win for business. Your project will perform as specified and both you and your clients will reap the benefits.


We don’t have to tell you about the dramatic changes in the building industry in the last few years. Combine these changes with poor economic conditions and it is a wonder you are even working at all. Good for you for hanging in there! Massachusetts is about to embark on even tougher building codes with regards to energy. Many contractors have recognized this trend and have joined groups that have incentivized programs to take the sting out of increased costs associated with building to higher efficiency levels. Having been a builder for many years, JSR understands very well that selling these efficiencies can be tough— from the consumer’s perspective, granite countertops always trump increased “R” and “U” values. Building codes have always been the “minimum standard “ but with the introduction of the interim Stretch Code and mandated changes in the IECC in 2012, building efficiency will become the norm.

We can help you navigate this change and work with you to minimize callbacks and save money. Your customers will be assured that they have a well-constructed building that has been performance-tested with state of the art equipment, insuring years of comfort and durability. So give us a call— let’s discuss how we can assist you, whether it is problem solving water leaks, adhering to Stretch Code, building Energy Star homes, or planning your next Net-Zero building!

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