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What is a HERS Energy Rating?

  • HERS is a uniform national system for evaluating a home’s energy efficiency.
  • An energy rating produces an “index” score that compares the efficiency of the home to one built in compliance with the minimum energy code.

HERS Rating Process

A HERS Rating includes:

  • A comprehensive evaluation of the building envelope and heating and cooling systems
  • Data analysis using nationally approved rating software
  • Recommendations for the most cost-effective measures to undertake (starting with the “low hanging fruit”)
  • Final score after measures are installed

About Us

John is a native of Cape Cod who began working on family homes during his high school years, learning the nuts and bolts of home construction from local builders. Attracted to the hands-on approach offered by the Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston, he was admitted to the 5-year program to attain a Bachelor of Science in Building Construction Engineering Technology. The co-op program and summer construction projects were excellent preparation for the launch of his design/build company, which he operated successfully for 17 years. He spent an additional nine years as project manager and estimator for a respected custom building company on Cape Cod, later expanding his reach into downtown and metro Boston areas.

With a passion for natural elements and efficient design, without sacrificing form, beauty or function, his philosophy is to keep mechanical systems simple and low-maintenance, allowing home owners more time to pursue their passions.

As home building practices become increasingly complex, there is tremendous need to incorporate current best practices with “green” and energy-efficient measures in order to keep pace with a changing industry. New partnerships between builders and energy professionals, as well as architects, realtors and mortgage lenders will be necessary to meet this challenge.

This, along with global concerns, has been the driving force behind John’s re-immersion into building science and performance, leading to certification as a HERS rater and Building/Envelope Analyst.